Making a group or product appear more environmentally friendly than it is.
greenscam v., n.
greenscammer n.
Example Citation:
Northwesterners for More Fish has come under attack in letters, news releases and news conferences from environmentalists.
Conservation groups have cited it as an example of "greenscamming," giving a pro-environment name to an effort really designed to roll back environmental protections.
—Joel Connelly, "Utilities may drop campaign to limit salmon costs," Seattle Post-Intelligence, April 19, 1996
Earliest Citation:
In a recent debate, Sen. Robert Kasten referred to the Sierra Club as an organization that is 'more Democratic than environmental,' and dismissed our endorsement of his opponent, state Sen. Russ Feingold.
His charge that the Sierra Club backs Democrats over Republicans regardless of record is patently false, and part of what we environmentalists refer to as 'Greenscamming,' or distorting the record to appear more environmentally concerned than the record indicates.
—Carl A. Zichella, "Sierra Club: We have endorsed Republicans," Capital Times, October 29, 1992
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